I’m currently at my cousins’ house in North Carolina. I’m glad to be here, and it’s good to see them, but I think we’re here till Thursday and there’s already a lack of things to do. I’ve been Minecraftin’ quite a bit and I’m probably gonna get going on League of Legends here pretty soon.

The good news is that I’ve gotten absorbed in A Game of Thrones and the bad news is that I’ve gotten absorbed in A Game of Thrones.

I need to get crackin’ on No Pun Intended stuff as well, but still somehow can’t bring myself to. I feel like the problem might be that I haven’t gotten enough down visually to really get the full picture in my head. SO maybe I’ll spend some time doodling as well. I’m still in that stage where I’m scared to put anything down because it won’t live up to what I want out of it. So hopefully I can scribble some stuff down on paper visually and dump out some pretentious, meaningless ramblings on here in the next couple days so I can have some clarity when I need to actually write raps. I haven’t written raps in way too long.

Goddard was swell. It was a good last year and I’mma miss those kids. It was hectic, though. The terror-filled non-stop trip from Arlington to North Carolina didn’t help my exhaustion any either.

This place is insane, though.

My cousins live in a cottage in a valley in North Carolina (three successive prepositional phrases… I feel like there’s a grammatical rule against that somewhere.) and the surrounding mountains are all green and pretty and the air’s mild. Asheville is really cool as well. It’s almost like Austin. Downtown’s fairly small, but there are street performers and all the shops are really unique and cool. And the food. Man, the food.

Anyway, if you’ve gotten this far in the post, 1) thanks for investing interest in my life, and 2) sorry my life isn’t more interesting. Soon I’ll be off to college and I’ll be posting about the international espionage I’ll be preventing and the deep space contact I’ll be making, or whatever it is that I’ll be doing at ACU.

Also, thanks for the response to my Lohan shirt. I got, like, 11 notes on that. That makes me Tumblr Famous now. Right?